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B.U. Consulting & Holding LLC.

Our Story

B.U. Consulting & Holding LLC. (B.U.C.H.) was birthed from an idea that was sparked from real life experiences. Mr. Vern Williams EL (President) recognized that he had a gift in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and existing companies into maximizing their potential. Vern Williams El, further realized that helping companies to grow and aspiring entrepreneurs to carry out their dreams, was indeed his passion and he solidified it as his career choice. Therefore, B.U. Consulting & Holding LLC., became a reality that Mr. Vern Williams EL could enjoy while simultaneously carrying out his purpose.

B.U. Consulting & Holding LLC., understands that in this nation the citizen has a social duty to confer and receive reciprocal helps and mutual obligations with its fellow citizens. Therefore, the protections, the enjoyments, and the pleasures of life are all owed to the assistance of others and could not be enjoyed but in the bands of society. Therefore, B.U. Consulting & Holding LLC., recognizes that for every problem there is a valuable solution. Here, problems are looked upon as pieces of a puzzle, and through careful examination pieces are put into the appropriate place to solve the present issue at hand, and transform that challenge or roadblock into an opportunity.